School Safe Rooms Oklahoma
Canyon Ridge Intermediate School

MA+ Architecture is the architect of record on the Canyon Ridge Intermediate School. MA+ teamed with the design firm of Corbin and Merz to design a new 21st Century Learning Environment for Mustang. The project consists of a new 104,000-square-foot elementary school on a greenfield site. Project includes 42 general classrooms, 10 flex rooms, music room, an art room, media center, administration area, gymnasium with seating for 500, cafeteria with stage and 2 outdoor classrooms. The project is designed with a flexible learning environment in mind but security and student supervision is also an important feature. Classrooms are laid out with direct supervision down all corridors. The building also houses 5 classrooms designed to FEMA 361 standards that will double as safe rooms for the schools 1000 occupants.

This was a fast paced design and construction project. Design for the entire facility was completed in 4 months and construction was completed in 12 months, in time for the school to open in August 2013.

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